Dry Fruits & Multi Grains laddoo’s

These ladoos can be enjoyed guilt free as it has no sugar and also the ghee used is for binding purpose.

Rich and nutritious and cannot stop at one….


Ghee-3 table spoons

Pitted Dates-10

Raisins-2 table spoons

Roasted poha-1/4 cup

Dedicated coconut-1/4 cup

Toasted Amaranth seeds-1/4 cup

Toasted oats-1/4 cup

Poppy seeds-1 table spoon


Cashew nuts-8-10

pistachio -8-10


Pumpkin seeds-2 tablespoons

Mace- 1 pinch

Cardamom(ground)-1/4 spoon


In a heavy bottomed pan toast the nuts and keep them aside to cool.

Now with a rolling pin crush the nuts slightly.

In the same pan toast the amaranth seeds, poppy seeds,oats and dedicated coconut.

In a dry blender make a coarse paste of dates and raisins.

On a low flame add ghee to the pan and then the ground mixture.

Slowly add all the ingredients and mix well and allow to cool.

Make firm ladoos and store them in a container.


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