Mung dal Murukku:

I vati mung dal

Rice flour- 5-6 vatis.

Ghee or butter-1.5 -2 table spoons.

Jeera -1 spn

Ajwain-1/2 spn

Sesame seeds-1 spn

Chilli pdr as per taste.( I have used 1 spn)

Salt to taste.

Soak mung dal for about 20 mins and pressure cook for about 3-4 whistles in enough jwater.

Once it is warm mix it well and add in the salt, jeera, sesame, ajwain, chilli pdr n butter. Add the rice flour n mix it well into a dough.

Apply some oil inside the mould and take some dough into the murukku press and press the dough into murukkus directly into the hot oil and deep fry them on medium heat till golden brown.

Pl note that u may keep the excess water from the cooked urad dal aside n use if necessary while mixing the dough.

The quantity of rice flour needed may vary based on the quality of mung dal.