White Cabbage Romanian Salad:

This is a simple yet yummy salad which can be a side dish for a perfect meal.


1 cup finely shred Cabbage

Sea salt as per taste

Parsley-1 spn(dried)

If fresh, 1/2 handful chopped.

Pepper1/4 spn( coarsely powdered)

Sunflower oil-1 spn

White wine-1 spn( I have substituted it with Apple cider vinegar)


Finely chop the Cabbage, Add sea salt and keep aside for 10 mins.

Now add a little cold water and strain the Cabbage.

In a bowl add white wine/ Vinegar, salt as per taste, parsley and coarsely ground pepper. Add in the shredded cabbage and mix well.

The salad is ready.


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